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sorry! I was at a family reunion... but now I'm back with pretty…



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sorry! I was at a family reunion... but now I'm back with pretty pictures for all!!!

the first is a silver chaos pic...

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the second is a random cg pic I found...

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the third is a wallpaper of gakuen heaven. (notice the hand... not so innocent!)

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and that's all I need to post. But I'm going to post tomorrow's pic too... It's another silver chaos pic...

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the final pic is just abonus because the ears are just too cute and just couldn't leave him out! (if you wait, he blinks and his ears move!! ^_^)

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That's all folks!! I've got a new (but short) story up on my youko_no_hisui account. Go check it out! (No, it's not the Cid/Vincent/Cid; sorry, no pr0n in this one...)
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    • I know! I wanna play it sooo bad! they have downloads for it at aarinfantasy...
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        • for the original silver chaos, there is a really great site that has a full translation of the game. it is called onadoru euphoria...


          for the second silver chaos (artificial mermaid) I haven't been able to find a translation, but there are lots of capture guides that tell you what choices to pick to get the outcome you want. It is a little frustrating not really knowing what going on, but once the boys start kissing... well, it makes up for it! you also can skip the talking by hitting the skip button, clicking, or, if you have a mouse that has a scroller, you can simply scroll past the text. Sometimes it is nice to hear them talk though.... And after you finish a story line, you can go look at the different pics (CGs) that you collected and you can look through your memories... (like at the kissing and smex scenes... as many times as you want... ^^)

          I really recommend not letting the fact that it's in Japanese stop you from enjoying the game.
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            • well, you get a basic background image which changes as the setting changes and the character have pretty much one position, but their faces move to talk and to express emotion. You get the audio of them talking. Then sometimes you get the CGs. They fil the whole screen and if you right click and press the option that has Ctrl+G or just press Ctrl+G then the subtitles at the bottom will disappear allowing you to enjoy the image until you click again. then the subtitle box at the bottom will reappear.

              As for the story behind it, if you go to this site:
              then you can get a good capture guide and a plot summary along with some other good information.
  • all VERY nice!!!! the ears are just the damn cutest thing! and if my student council looked that good maybe i would have been involved ;)
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