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hope everyone had a pleasing 4th of july! If you don't know (because…



Giver of the Bishies!

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hope everyone had a pleasing 4th of july! If you don't know (because I know that some people don't live in the US and don't care to know our holidays...) this is celebrated as the day of our independence from Britain. I celebrate it because it is the one day of the year I can legally set stuff on fire. look under the cut for yesterday's pic. it is NSFW (cause it's a holiday ^_^).

anyway, as a bishie 4th of july, we can celebrate with, instead of firery stars from fireworks, hot spatters of creamy cum, sticky and oh so pleasurable... and pretty bishies going at it like rabbits. XD

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the second pic is safe for work (it just has kissing) and is of Link and Dark Link? I don't know; I've never played the game... but I do like it!

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  • you know oddly enough i think the second pic is hotter than the first. but maybe in not looking hard enough. ~_^ and yea that looks like dark link to me ^_^
    • it all just depends on what your tastes are and what your in the mood for. my tastes change with my mood; I'm pretty moody....

      and thanks for confirming the dark link thing! ^^
  • Oh noes!!1! They caught me! They got rid of my pic!... but it's kinda funny that they only caught that one... at least, I think they only caught one! *goes to check*
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