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This pic is from Silver Chaos 1. I like it, but I'm not entirely sure…



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This pic is from Silver Chaos 1. I like it, but I'm not entirely sure it's worksafe, so to be sure, I'll place it behind a cut...

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I've started to look at all the guys from Silver Chaos (both of them) and ff7 and find the ones that kinda look alike and switch them... It passes the time very nicely.
  • that water is awfully clear isnt it? ;) not that im complaining mind you ^_^ and dont you just love those little fuzzy block things they put in these pics? i do! theyre so funny! XD
    • Oh, yes! It is quite nice~! And I can't decide whether to love them or hate them; they look funny, but they also cover up all the goods! Oh, well. The pics are great despite that.

      Also, It's even better if you think of the redhead as Reno, the blonde as Rufus, and the brunette as Cloud (merely based on his reaction to Reno... and I like that pairing). I can't decide who the last one should be...
      • (Anonymous)
        that last one would definately be Elena XD haha just reminds me of her. Other than that I agree on you with the others
  • i hate fuzzy things!!! DX

    damn them to hell for conveniently blurring the bits everybody wants to see :'(
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