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I got to see Harry Potter 5!!!! YAY! And the 7th (and last) book…



Giver of the Bishies!

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I got to see Harry Potter 5!!!! YAY! And the 7th (and last) book comes out Saturday!!!! YAY! (and boo cause it's the last one... *sniff*) But anyway.... oh, right. 3 pics...

The first one is from Ouran High School Host Club and it's of my fave characters; Kyouya (in the middle), who is the one who basically keeps the host club running smoothly and the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, who are the fun-loving pranksters and who are all over each other in the club (because girls like that sort of thing ^.^), but is it for real? They do share a bed... Anyway...

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The next pic is of Bad Luck from Gravitation. I've never much wanted to watch the anime, but I have read the manga, and I love it! From right to left, we have Suguru (keyboard), Shuichi (lead singer), and Hiro(shi)(guitar) who is my favorite character!

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The last pic is from Silver Chaos 2: Artificial Mermaid; it is of Roy (the blond) and Yuuri... in the baths. They have towels on though! It's worksafe (for me)!

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  • those twins are right up there with Amiboshi and Suboshi ~_^ and i find it slightly depressing that that boy can pull off that outfit when there are like NO females that can do i just as well :( also i think girls arent the onl ones who find scars sexy of the boy is all over blondy too! :D
    • who? amiboshi and suboshi?

      It's amazing, isn't it? -_- depressing indeed...

      who doesn't love a few scars? XD
      • Amiboshi and Suboshi are from fushigi yugi. theyre a couple of VERY pretty twins. throw in a google search and im sure youll find something you like ;)
  • Yay, Hitachiin twins + Suguru ! *nosebleeds*
    You chose your pictures well ;)
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